Welsh Open - Cardiff

9-10 November, 2024

Event Summary

The Welsh Open will run over the stated dates, at the Sport Wales National Centre in Cardiff.  


Entries will open shortly, and will close on 26th October.  We offer a full refund policy (less un-recoverable fees) up until the closing date.  There are no refunds after the closing date, so please don't ask.


We will once again limit entries, in order to better manage the event.  Once entries are full, we will run a Waiting List.  All entries strictly by Sport80, and withdrawals will be re-allocated strictly via the Waiting Lists.


The organisers reserve the right to amend the format of events depending on entry numbers, and not run events if entry numbers are too low.

For full details, please see the FAQ section below.  If you have a question that is not covered, please drop me an email via welshopen@fencing.cymru


Excalibur Swords will be attending the Welsh Open with a wide range of fencing equipment available: Excalibur Sports - Sword Fencing Equipment


All weapons will be fenced electronically throughout. Fencers are responsible for providing equipment. You may only enter one event per day. Fencers should ensure that they have the appropriate and full level of membership of their national body. All clothing and equipment must conform to British Fencing regulations, under plastrons must be worn (specification, minimum 800N).


Welsh Fencing conform to the BFA safety regulations. For full details, please follow the link:



This event is open to fencers aged 13 or over before 9th November.


Check-in closing times are shown below:


Wheelchair Epee - 09:00am

Men's Foil - 9:45 am

Women's Epee - 11:45 am

Wheelchair Sabre - 1:00pm

Women's Sabre - 1:30 pm


Men's Epee - 9:45 am

Wheelchair Foil - 11:00am

Women's Foil - 11:45 am

Men's Sabre - 1:30 pm

Cash Prizes

There will be monetary prizes* for the top four fencers in each category of the standing fencing event, plus prizes for the best cadet and best veteran.


The monetary prizes are:

  • 1st Place: £100
  • 2nd Place: £50
  • 3rd Place: £25


(* Monetary prizes will be issued as cheques.)


Sport Wales National Centre

Sophia Gardens

CF11 9SW

Referee Policy

Please find below the Welsh Fencing Referee Expenses policy; this will apply to the event.

  • If an invited referee comes to the Welsh Open, for both days, ONLY to referee, they will be paid a day rate PLUS expenses, including travel.
  • Accommodation expenses will ONLY be covered where the invited referee is covering BOTH days. Accommodation for the Saturday night will be covered if booked by the organisers. If accommodation is needed for the Friday night please contact the organisers to see if this can be arranged.
  • Dedicated referees will receive a variable day-rate depending on their qualifications (FIE - £75, Level 4 - £65, Level 3 - £55, Level 2 - £45)
  • Travel expenses will be paid as follows:
    • Standard class rail travel will be covered at cost.  We expect refs to book in advance to minimise costs.
    • Fuel costs will be recompensed at 45p per mile, up to a maximum of 450 miles
  • We will also provide a per-diem of £20 per day, to cover the cost of food and drink. The organisers will not provide refreshments in the control room. All referees should either purchase at the on-site cafe, or bring their own. Receipts are not required for the per-diem.
  • If a fencer referees after they are knocked out, we will refund their entry fee; this should be by prior agreement with the Welsh Open Team
  • If a fencer stays and refs the next day (or prior day), we will refund their entry fee AND pay a day rate,, AND per-diem for referee days,  but do NOT cover their accommodation/travel expenses; this should be by prior agreement with the Welsh Open Team;


Any questions, please raise them direct with the Welsh Open Team (welshopen@fencing.cymru)


Expenses will be paid on submission of an Expense Claim Form.

Refund Policy

If you can't make the event for any reason, we offer a full refund up until the Closing Date.  By 'full', we mean excluding any Stripe/Sport80 fees, which are non-recoverable.

After the closing date, no refunds whatsoever will be given, whatever the reason.

Data Privacy Policy

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By entering this event, you confirm acceptance of this policy.